Opportunity Knocks - Now is the Time for Women Candidates

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation has just released a report:  Opportunity Knocks - Now is the Time for Women Candidates.  The biggest challenge facing women noted in the report:  "...even in 2017, it remains a challenge for women to prove they are strong leaders and can get results (p. 5)."

How might we as women and leadership scholars help?  

Shirley Moore's picture Shirley Moore | March 22, 2018 10:20 pm MST

As a potential future candidate, it is important to stay engaged in your community and make yourself known. Our leadership qualities can best be displayed by a soft confidence coupled with a thorough knowledge within one's discipline. 

As a business leader in my small community, I plan to take those steps in a slow but consistent manner. I feel my knowledge of business and years of experience in private practice will bring what is needed for my local government community.

I am considering the first step to run for office once my dissertation process is complete and published. I continue to stay engaged as an adjunct professor for my local community college, while also maintaining my small private practice in tax and accounting services.

As leaders in our fields, it is time we take our experience and knowledge to improve our communities and local governement.


Lynne Devnew's picture Lynne Devnew | March 23, 2018 7:37 am MST

I love that you intend to share your leadership gifts both with your local business world and in local government, Shirley.  

You noted you look forward to publishing your disssertation - but didn't mention sharing your learning with your community.  Have you considered writing a column for your local paper and blogging?  We sometimes become so focused on writing for peer-reviewed journals for our academic credentials that we forget to write in practitioner media!  It would seem like an important part of your more general effort to get yourself known.

Best wishes for great success with your dissertation - and with entering the elected government world.





Tamika L. Ledbetter's picture Tamika L. Ledbetter | June 27, 2018 7:54 pm MST

Excellent advice, Dr. Lynne! 

I'm so glad you mentioned that researchers should also consider focusing on their local communites.  Articles and blogs are an excellent way to engage and share learning discoveries with others.  There is life after dissertation completion! Thank you for the practical reminder.



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