How to Get Started Doing Research

I am a SAS alum and have not started doing any research yet, but I am ready. The issue is I am not sure where to start. Any suggestions?

Lynne Devnew's picture Lynne Devnew | October 4, 2017 10:28 am MST

Thanks for asking this question, Danette.  I'm sure you aren't the only one asking this question.

Five general ideas; you might try one or perhaps combine a few:

1.  If you look in the Women and Leadership Research Group under Research Topics, you'll see some papers and the Asilomar Declaration that identify areas that the women currently doing women and leadership research see as areas needing more exploring.  Of course you can also look for areas for further study at the end of your favorite peer-reviewed journal articles.

2. If you look at the calls for participation and read all the calls, you'll get some ideas of some areas with current opportunities.  Perhaps one will catch your interest - at least two of them are for conferences working on papers for later publications.  If you are interested in women related public policy issues - going to something like the future colloquium on the topic would introduce you to other researchers with a shared passion.  I met my primary research team at a colloquium at Utah Valley University!

3.  Start posting here about a few of your passions and see if you can find a partner to explore it with. I've found I love working with research partners. 

4.  If you read the posts that have been made on the site in the past - I think some researchers were looking for partners.  Follow up with one of them - both on the site (the more who post the more useful the site can become) and perhaps with an email.

5.  Find a conference that others with your passions attend and get to know some potential research partners.

I hope this is enough to get you thinking!  More questions are always welcome.

Danette James's picture Danette James | October 13, 2017 4:16 am MST

Thanks, this information is very helpful.

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