Stories of an SPL Connector

Stories of an SPL Connector

As I wrote a recent post titled “Scholar-Practitioner-Leaders as Connectors”, I reflected on my current connector activities and thought you might enjoy hearing of them.

I am currently working on two publications both as an editor. I am the first editor for a book to be published in 2018, More Women on Boards of Directors: An International Perspective, with chapters being written by both practitioners and researchers from across the world. In addition to researchers and individuals associated with board member development training and executive recruiting, we have chapters by leaders from The Thirty Percent Coalition, 2020 Women on Boards, and Catalyst. Our intent has been to develop a book for those who care about issues related to increasing the number of women on boards, whether they are researchers or practitioners. I am also editing a symposium on women and leadership for The Journal of Leadership Studies, written by researchers who have been asked to demonstrate the practitioner value of their researcher.

I am busy preparing for the International Leadership Association global conference in Brussels that will be held on October 13 – 15, 2017. On October 11, I’ve been invited to participate in a Women and Leadership Transatlantic Dialog planned for 20 scholars, largely from the United States, and 20 women leaders in Belgium. Thus far I’ve sent information and participated in a survey that really made me think – asking things like what trends I expected to see in the coming years that would most influence women and leadership and what we might do to be prepared for those challenges and opportunities. While I’ve been invited to participate as a scholarly leader, I anticipate my experiences as a practitioner leader, and thus as a connector between the world of scholarship and practice will be invaluable.  The dialog promises to be exciting; I’ll share my experiences in a future Blog in the Women and Leadership group. 

I registered today for an event being held at the Questrom School at Boston University, where I earned my doctorate, called “Questrom Women’s Summit 2017: Power Through Connection.”. I have no role other than as an alumna participant; I’m attending only to make connections and to learn. I also registered just today for a lunch and learn in November at the Boston Children’s Museum. I’m on their distribution list because of my sister’s involvement there, but couldn’t resist the learning opportunity. The brochure promised that Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek would present “Becoming Brilliant: Re-Imagining Education for Our Time.” What caught my attention was a reference to the author’s interest in bridging the gap between research and application. While her topic will be a long way from Women and Leadership, I anticipate learning more about bridging this gap from her lecture.

I’ll share snippets from these adventures in future blogs in the Women and Leadership group. Meanwhile, watch for the opportunities that come to you to help you be or learn about being a connector. If they aren’t already coming to you via email and word-of-mouth, take the time to search a few out. After a few experiences, the opportunities will start flooding your inbox also!


Janice Cardwell's picture Janice Cardwell | October 19, 2017 12:13 pm MST

Hi Lynn

Thanks for sharing your most recent connector activities. Great seeing you at the ILA Conference in Brussels. I found the conference to be very informative and worth the time and effort to attend.  I made new connections and received new requests to collaborate on research or publications. 

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