3 Steps to Reduce Gender Bias

3 Steps to Reduce Gender Bias


Ingrid Hayes-Burrell's picture Ingrid Hayes-Burrell | October 5, 2017 6:14 pm MST

This article resonated with me completely.  Most importantly, I do not want to become conditioned to environments that continue to allow for gender bias to maintain the closed class systems. This means it is time to speak up, toot my horn, and bring my Barbies back to work with me.

nakiamiller's picture nakiamiller | November 18, 2018 8:23 pm MST

Although women possess outstanding leadership qualifications, the preconception is women are not well equipped to lead (Eagly and Karau, 2002). The stereotype makes it difficult for women to gain access to the leadership roles of their interest. The elements of transformational leadership help women to fulfill their leader role and demonstrate effectiveness in the aspects of leadership. Theories on masculine versus feminine leadership roles can sometimes have an effect on women performance. The opinions can either decrease their results or make them better leader performers.


Eagly, A. H. & Karau, S. J. (2002). Role of congruity theory of prejudice toward female