Published: A Grounded Theory of Successful Publication for Mid-career Scholars


Karraa, W., & McCaslin, M. (2015). Published: A Grounded Theory of SuccessfulPublication for Midcareer Scholars. The Qualitative Report20(8), 1332-1358. Retrieved from



How do some scholars publish successfully while others perish from professional pressure? Literature has demonstrated the challenges of professional advancement through scholarship, yet has yet to explore how scholars manage these challenges successfully. The problem to be addressed in this grounded study was the lack of knowledge regarding the nature of success in peer-reviewed publication for midcareer scholars. Midcareer was defined as (a) employed professors with 5-15 years of doctoral level teaching experience, (b) having mentored at least one doctoral student to completion, and (c) successfully published in a peer-reviewed journal within the last academic year. A purposive sample of 16 midcareer scholars participated in one, 60-90 minute semi-structured interviews. 278 pages of transcript were coded open, axial and selective sequence using constant comparison. Analysis revealed that midcareer scholars who self-identify as lifelong learners with an intrinsic sense of responsibility to advancing scholarship engaged in problem solving strategies that facilitated successful peer-reviewed publication.

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Journal Article
Walker Karraa, Mark McCaslin
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The Qualitative Report
Nova Southeastern University
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Saturday, August 29, 2015
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