Caribbean Women's Journey to Obtain Corporate Leadership in Guyana: A phenomenological Study


Women leaders benefit corporations innovatively, financially, and globally. The purpose of the qualitative phenomenological descriptive study was to explore the lived experiences of Caribbean women corporate leaders during their journeys to obtain corporate leadership positions in Guyana. The problem was Caribbean women in corporations were hindered from corporate leadership positions resulting in limited representation of women in corporate leadership positions in Guyana. The research questioned how Caribbean women leaders described their journeys to corporate leadership, their challenges, and what they credited for attaining their leadership positions? The data analysis included interpretation of the researcher's notes, observations, transcription of the recorded interviews, and analysis of the transcribed data using the qualitative data analysis method. The findings of this study were essential for women who aspired to be corporate leaders and for corporations’ growth and change. Fifteen Caribbean women were selected from a population of about forty corporate women leaders in Guyana. The women were interviewed using semi-structured questions. The results showed the women faced barriers, including mentorship, cultural, male dominance, political/racial, and human interference barriers. However, the women relied on education and childhood experiences to achieve corporate leadership positions in Guyana. The shared experiences of the women should be evaluated by practitioners and leaders to implement advantageous changes to benefit business women and corporations.

Keywords: Caribbean, leadership, women executives

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Valarie Oudkerk
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Caribbean Women's Journeys To Obtain Corporate Leadership In Guyana: A Phenomenological Study
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Thursday, April 7, 2022
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ProQuest LLC
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