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Walker Ladd, Ph.D.

Dr. Walker Ladd is the Associate University Research Chair for the Center for Health Engineering Research (CHER). Dr. Ladd also serves as the Group Leader for CHER's Special Interest Group: Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing Research Community. Dr. Ladd is a University Research Methodologist and teaches qualitative research methods for the School of Advanced Studies. Dr. Ladd has been a thought-leader in the field of maternal mental health for over a decade. She has been recognized for her research and leadership in the field of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Her first book, “Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women’s Stories of Trauma and Growth” (Praeclarus, 2015), was based on her grounded theory study of the transformative nature of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Ladd served as a Research Fellow for the Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research, where she published a grounded theory study regarding successful scholarly publication for mid-career faculty, co-authored by Dr. Mark McCaslin. She has been published in the American Psychological Association, the Huffington Post, Science and Sensibility, the American College of Nurse-Midwives, and the Integral Leadership Review. Dr. Ladd’s current research includes her serving as Principal Investigator on a grounded theory study of the stigma of mental illness for new mothers diagnosed with a bipolar disorder. She is currently working on her second book "When Postpartum Depression Grows Up: Reflecting, Researching, Reclaiming", a heuristic synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data regarding how mothers of older children reflect on the experience of having had a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder. Dr. Ladd lives in Los Angeles with her two children and is a 14-year breast cancer survivor.

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