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Valerie Denise Smith, Masters Business in Administration

Miss Valerie Denise Smith is a highly talented business development director with over 25 years experience in management and entrepreneurship. She is currently employed as an award winning Sales Consultant for a leading technology company. Miss Smith attained her MBA at University of Phoenix in 2015. She is now enrolled in the School of Advanced Studies-University of Phoenix with a 3.76 GPA. In her professional role, she managed up to 25 individuals in various roles ranging from Accounting Supervisor, Systems Development Manager, Senior Financial Analyst, to Business Development Director (entrepreneur). Miss Smith has extensive experience in private public and nonprofit sectors. Her business relationships in the public sector included local, state, and federal agencies, banking institutions and private corporations. As a Doctorate, Miss Smith planned on focusing on team typology as it relates to virtual team leadership and team performance. Her dissertation topic can add to existing theory and practical applications of virtual team leadership and virtual technology. Some of Miss Smith community achievements included consulting for the Office of Victims Assistance and an advocated for the deaf and hard of hearing. Miss Smith gives the honor for her success to God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. She often supports her dependence on her relationship with God with this statement, "Without Jesus, I can do nothing." In 1997, Miss Smith was ordained as an Elder. She faithfully served her community with vigor leading and supporting youth ministries, women ministries, faith-based nonprofits, and choir. She is an award winning professional with an MBA - Accounting, and is now to seeking to advance her lifelong love for learning with a Doctorate in Management with a focus on Organizational Leadership. If you would like to contact Miss Smith please send an email to

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