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Valentina Kloosterman, PhD

Over the past twenty years, I have taught and conducted research in the field of education and psychology, and taught undergraduate and graduate courses in issues related to child development, intelligence, cultural diversity, teacher development, and community and social well-being. I have had the opportunity to work with teachers, school administrators, children, and families in culturally and linguistically diverse communities, both in the United States and abroad. I am an Educational Psychologist and a Dissertation Consultant. My expertise is in qualitative research and program evaluation, and for the past decade, I have co-directed the design and implementation of research-evaluation projects, as well as provided guidance and mentoring to graduate students from around the world in completing their doctoral dissertations and masters theses in a variety of academic disciplines. As a faculty member of the University of Phoenix, I teach on-ground courses in psychology, and as a Dissertation Chair and committee member my priority are my doctoral students. One of my most gratifying professional experiences has been working one-on-one with students in the process of research, including literature review, data collection and analysis, and writing of findings and implications. To assist in my students' ongoing professional development, I also encourage and guide them in the submission of conference proposals, academic presentations, and writing of publications. As part of my teaching and research, I have written and published, presented nationally and internationally, and served as an active member of numerous professional organizations. I am the editor of the book Latino Students in American Schools: Historical and Contemporary Views; and my research has been recognized with the international Hollingworth Research Award.

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