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Vadim Jigoulov, PhD

My academic career started at the University of Kostroma (my home town), Russia where I majored in the English and German Languages and Literatures and Teaching Thereof. After graduating, I spent a couple of years working as a translator and administrator for an American humanitarian agency in Russia. I immigrated to the US in 1993. My interests in linguistics, and particularly, in the languages of the Ancient Near East, led me to enroll at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 1995 where I earned a Master of Divinity degree in 1997. I also completed one semester of studies in the Ph.D. program. In April, 1999, I was admitted to the University of Michigan where I began my studies in September, 1999 in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, in the Ancient Civilizations and Biblical Studies Division where I have studied languages, history, and archaeology of the Ancient Near East. Currently I teach at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. Our family (my wife, I, and our beautiful daughters) enjoys exploring what Maryland has to offer! My broad interests in Humanities, Social Studies, and teaching led me to the University of Phoenix Online.

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