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Twyla A. Williams-Damond, MBA, EdD

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, I currently maintain dual residency in Youngsville, Louisiana and Beaumont, Texas. My current job titles include motivational speaker, published journal author, professor, researcher, curriculum designer, instructional strategist, and dissertation coach. Besides being employed by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I am also an independent research contractor. My message is a simple one-- Positively Effecting Student Outcomes. Prior to becoming a Doctor of Education, I maintained the role of successful CEO at the prestigious Lighthouse Outreach in Abbeville, Louisiana. As co-founder of this organization, the mission remained tightly focused on community involvement with assistance to impoverished populations. My resume includes a plethora of published journal articles and one book in progress including but not limited to: "Corporal Punishment in Southern Schools: Good News, Bad News, and News That's Pretty Ugly", "The Cost of Retention in Louisiana Schools", "Inequities Surrounding Louisiana's TOPS Program and the Systematic Thrust of Underrepresented Groups into the Federal Student Loan Program", and "A Meta Analysis of Corporal Punishment Practices in the Schools Across the United States". My personal line of research expertise is centered on the injustices experienced by children in public schools. At the age of 40, I returned to college and completed a Bachelor of Applied and Behavioral Sciences in less than three years as summa cum laude, completed a double Master of Business Administration and Master of Health Administration in one year, and completed a Doctorate of Educational Leadership in eighteen months . In pursuit of my doctorate, I also embraced the unique opportunity to acquire an additional specialty in Higher Education Law. Under the individualized training of my dissertation chair/mentor, who served as a university attorney for over 20 years, I was trained in the legal components surrounding higher education. Although this specialty does not grant permission to operate as an attorney, it gives the Doctor of Educational Leadership an edge when making administrative decisions by having an expertise in the legal ramifications of such decisions.

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