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Tonya Saheli, JD, MS

Dr. Tonya Saheli has a BS in Biology, a MS in Regulatory Science and a JD in Law. She is the owner of Saheli Legal Mediation where she handles various legal cases in court and in private practice and she also sits on an ADR Panel with the San Francisco Bar Association where she mediates cases in the San Francisco Public School District involving students with 504 disabilities. She was published in 2001 in Science Magazine for genetics research with Stanford University. She recently published a poster with UOPX and is a current University Fellow with UOPX's Center for Professional Responsibility. Dr. Saheli has been an Associate Professor with the UOPX since 2013 and she also teaches at 2 other Universities. Her research topic with the CPRE is An Archival Review of the National Code of Ethics for Medical Doctors, Lawyers and Mental Health Professionals as a Model for the Need and Implementation of a National Code of Ethics for PreK-12 Educators and for the development of a Continuum of Responsibility across the Pre-Credential, Credential and In-service Spectrum. This research is scheduled to be complete by May 2017 and published shortly thereafter. Dr. Saheli recently presented a research paper in Sydney, Australia in October 2016 entitled, The Existence of Unethical Hospital Practices When Treating Religious End of Life Patients, where UOPX was featured as an affiliation.

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