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Tonia Perry Conley, Ed.D.

Dr. Tonia Perry Conley serves as the Executive Director of the Student Academic Success & Retention Center and Principle Investigator for the TRIO Portfolio (4 - Educational Talent Search, Student Support Services, Educational Opportunities Center, and McNair Research Project). Prior to this role, Dr. Perry Conley served as the Director of Academic Affairs for the University of Phoenix. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Spelman College, and her M.A. in Theology & Counseling from Eastern University. Dr. Perry Conley brings more than 20 years of dedicated and professional expertise to student services. Prior to the University of Phoenix, she worked as the Director/principle investigator for a research program at Delaware State University. Her research interests include: Academic achievement gaps in secondary education; Post-secondary degree completion rates among minorities at Historically Black Colleges/ Universities vs. Predominately White Institutions; and the variance of post-secondary degree completion along racial divides. She is an enthusiastic presenter on such topics as Minorities and the Doctorate: Keeping Minorities in the STEM Pipelines; “Preparing for College: Making the Transition;” and The Relationship of Risk Factors on Post-Secondary Degree Attainment in Institutions along Racial Divides: A Phenomenological Study. In addition to her research interests, Dr. Perry Conley is a chaplain (volunteer) at the local hospital, an ordained minister, director of Community & Christian Education at the Resurrection Center, co-founder of EMERGENCE Pre-college program, serves as a board member with a local Community Development Corporation (Executive Director, formerly), and co-author of Wives on Fire. A passionate researcher and writer, Tonia is an experienced federal grant writer (U.S. Department of Education), former Executive Director of the local Community Center, adjunct instructor of psychology and mathematics. As a member of the Research Hub for the Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research, she has been selected for two (2) Fellowships: Research, and Writing & Publication. Dr. Perry Conley's monthly blog posts is a six-part series entitled: #All Lives Matter: An Educational Perspective.

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