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Tiffiney Barfield-Cottledge, PhD

Dr. Tiffney Barfield-Cottledge received her PHD in Juvenile Justice and has a comprehensive background in Teaching, Counseling and Criminal Justice. Dr. Cottledge has over 16 years of teaching experience honed on the student centered approach. In her teaching, she utilizes comprehensive teaching methodologies that incorporate “Best Practices” to accommodate the diverse learning styles of today’s traditional and non-traditional student populations. She is Critical Thinking certified and utilizes SEEI in her courses. Cottledge began her career in Criminal Justice as a State Parole Officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Division. She published her book, entitled: Delinquency in America, Theory Social and Policy Implications and has published several book chapters on the topic of corrections and prison privatization based on her Practitioner Experience. In addition, Cottledge has published several scholarly journal articles that examine criminological theories as explanations of crime and delinquency. Her research and publications are in the areas of female gangs, adolescent substance abuse, and juvenile sex offenders.

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