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Thomas Griffin, DBA

I am Tom Griffin adjunct faculty member at UoP in addition, I am also Chair and Professor of Decision Sciences. . My professional career started in manufacturing and I served in every role from hourly worker, supervisor, department head, director of manufacturing, Plant manager, VP of division, VP at Corporate, and President. I joined the academic world about eight eight years ago, and have been faculty member, department chair, VP, Academic Dean, and so forth. I love teaching at Liberty University and so appreciate sharing the Christian worldview I have published numerous academic papers in peer-reviewed journals. I really enjoy the research aspect of academe but especially enjoy teaching and love to assist students in achieving their academic goals. I am married; my wife is a Director of Nursing at a psych unit of a hospital. We have one son and four fantastic grandchildren. We have two African Grey parrots and one of them, Mika, is a phenomenal talker.

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