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Tere North, PhD

I began my educational pursuits in the traditional manner. Out of high school, I enrolled in college at the University of California-Davis where I completed my Bachelor’s degree (double majoring in Animal Science and Agricultural Science and Management); continued with my Master’s degree (in Animal Science); and completed my Ph.D. (in Nutrition). In my final term I accepted a teaching position at Western Illinois University, a traditional bricks and mortar institution with predominantly traditional-aged undergraduate students, teaching various aspects of agriculture. After 14 years, I made the decision to leave full-time teaching and moved into a career in higher education administration. In an effort to learn both theory and practice, I began my online learning career, first completing an executive MBA certification in Conflict Management and Negotiation from Jones International University and then a second Ph.D. in Leadership in Higher Education from Capella University. My Dad is an engineer, so he immediately decided to call me Dr.^2 (Dr. Squared). Once I tasted online learning, I was a hooked, a true believer. The online environment provides a much richer opportunity to combine theory and practice, and to learn from each other than I ever experienced either learning or teaching in the traditional classroom. Critical thinking is at the forefront of the online learning experience as you are not merely studying for exams, but truly applying what you are learning. Granted, it could be argued that I ‘saw the light’ because I was an adult learner. However, I maintain that it is a far better way to learn when the online classes are professionally developed and you are learning by applying theory to practice, compared to that of a traditional university approach that it largely lecture-based. June 30, 2012 represented the completion of 28 years and an early retirement from my land-based ‘regular’ job at a bricks and mortar institution as a higher education administrator, most recently working to restructure, grow, and expand the university technology efforts. With retirement comes focusing on the things I enjoy, with one of those being able to do more online teaching. I am excited to join you at the University of Phoenix Online (UOPX). For me, my online teaching opportunity at UOPX is allowing me to follow my passion of teaching. In fact, it really has become my hobby. While I do attempt to play golf, do a bit of traveling, and enjoying time with a life-partner of 30 years and our furry children, teaching at UOPX is what I do for fun. I never did figure out how to make that make sense to my mother when she would ask what I do for fun. But it is the honest truth, and I look forward to having fun learning with all of you as we explore together.

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