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Tarique Hossain

Dr. Hossain has been with the UoP since 2010 and he brings an eclectic portfolio of industry experience (in marketing research), university level teaching in both on and off line formats, and international experience. In doing marketing research, he helped clients such as Procter and Gamble, Eastman Kodak, Intel, Levi Strauss and Co., and FedEx--in projects ranging from concept testing, simulated test marketing, conjoint models of product optimization (designing the right features and price combinations), and estimating sales potential. Many projects used qualitative models as well. Dr. Hossain is active in peer reviewed academic research--having to his credit 8 published research, two under advanced review, and numerous conference presentations. One of his papers was awarded a best paper award in a national conference and $1,000 cash prize, while another paper garnered numerous media mentions in outlets such as MSNBC.COM, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, and several Los Angeles newspapers. Dr. Hossain completed his multiple university education that ended with his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. His educational background also includes a year long study at the University of Bergen, Norway, where he once was fluent in Norwegian. He traveled extensively on business and personal initiative to Australia, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom--to name a few. One can say, his background is well rounded with a global view of business that carries strong currency in this increasingly globalized environment.

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