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Suzanne Richins, DHA

Suzanne started her career with an associate degree in nursing and was quickly promoted to a management position. Her CE) encouraged her to earn her MBA and MHA and with degree, she was also promoted with a final position as a COO in tertiary referral health system in Southeastern Washington. In 1992, the Univeristy of Phoenix and Intermountain entered into an agreement to help the nursing staff advance from ADN to MSN. Suzanne was asked to teach in the program and continued to teach until today in DHA, DNP, and PhD programs in several universities. She also teaches in course Romania and in Indonesia. Suzanne was an early adopter of technology facility by Intermountain Healthcare that was a pioneer in electronic medical records and predictive analytics. She used this technology to create an acuity demand staffing model for the Emergency Department that was adopted throughout Intermountain. She also writes textbooks, articles, and continues to perform research on Innovation within her position as COO at Global Targeting.

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