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Susan A. Morgan, PhD

I began my nursing career following graduation from Boston College. My nursing experience includes orthopedic, intensive care, and open-heart nursing generally in large medical centers. My later nursing experience has been in smaller, often rural hospitals and community settings. I feel fortunate to have experience in both urban and rural settings. I completed my first master's degree in Counseling and Guidance from the University of North Dakota. I then obtained my master's in nursing degree from the University of Kansas and I returned to the University of Kansas to complete my doctoral degree in nursing. My doctoral studies proved to be a life changing event and while obtaining my doctoral degree required many long hours of study and contemplation, I can truly say the knowledge I obtained changed my world view of my profession and of life in general. Much of my nursing career has been devoted to nursing education and to professional nursing from an organizational and political perspective. Curriculum development and evaluation were areas of study (minors) in both my master’s program and my doctoral program. I have a strong interest in enhancing the learning experience and improving teaching strategies. My master’s thesis focused on the self concept of nursing students during the first clinical practicum while my doctoral dissertation focused on learning styles, effective teaching and student achievement in the experiential nursing clinical environment. Kolb’s learning style theory served as the theoretical framework for my dissertation while Super’s vocational choice theory served as the theoretical framework for my master’s thesis. I was fortunate enough to be appointed by my governor to the State Board of Nursing which I found to be a wonderful learning experience. Learning about the regulatory aspects of nursing was rewarding as well as frustrating as it was during my tenure as President of the State Board of Nursing that the board entered into negotiations with the Board of Healing Arts (physicians) to create administrative rules for collaborative practice for advanced practice nurses in my state. The task was accomplished in the midst of a contentious environment and I have remained active after leaving the board as a member of my professional association in an attempt to improve the ability of nurse practitioners to practice in my state. In addition to serving on the State Board of Nursing, I have been an active member of my professional association during my nursing career and I have served as president of our state nurses association. Thus I have both a professional, political and regulatory perspective on practice issues. In an effort to “practice what I preach” re nurses being politically active, I ran for the county office of coroner a few years ago. I found experiencing the political process from the local grassroots level to be a fantastic learning experience.

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