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Steven Watkins, PhD

In the past three years, as a Research Fellow and member of the Center for Education and Instructional Technology Research Center (CEITR), I have developed an expertise on how culture, learning and technology interact and function together in different educational environments. To date, I am an active member with the Association of Education, Communication and Technology (AECT) with developing and developed published articles on this aspect of education. Through AECT, I have published an article on political parties affecting school districts' educational and technological practices and in an upcoming book how politics affects different educational philosophical theories in educational practices. I am also working on an article for a symposium in Hong Kong in 2017 about politics in Chinese educational and technological practices. I am also working through AECT to establish avenues of support for doctoral students to gain experience in presenting and publishing. Through this avenue and subsequent goals, I seek to implement the announced objectives of the School of Advanced Studies for faculty in the school. My purpose in mentoring doctoral students is to help them develop their scholarly interests and skills in such an endeavor. I believe in working with them to accomplish the attainment of a doctorate degree and to transition to practicing, insightful scholars who are an asset to their field of study. At the same time I expect them to recognize the effort such an undertaking requires and be ready to implement the expectations needed to be successful in such educational projects.

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