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Skip Mueller, Ph.D.

An Associate Faculty at multiple Metro-Atlanta Universities, Dr. Mueller lectures and presents educational instruction for a wide-range of courses in psychology. Over the past ten years, his facilitation supports both undergraduates and graduates students, alike. In the domain of private practice, Dr. Mueller is active in working with Veterans of Foreign Wars. His representation, coupled with being a veteran, addresses issues related to diagnostic criteria that evidences as Anger Management, Interpersonal Violence, and Trauma-and-Stressor-Related Disorders. Though Dr. Mueller works with individuals, family members, and couples, he also assists in the performance of psychological services. Although not exclusive, his domain of private practice specializes in working with males, and the effect of his concerns. Ongoing research in this area of interest shows the effect of developing leadership profiles that interact with quantified curricula. When utilized within the community, results demonstrate a lowered recidivism among individuals. With support of research outcomes, this model also displays heightened effectiveness in cooperative settings that aid individuals and couples. Relevant to current and future publications, the application of Dr. Mueller’s research extends the bridge that connects psychological services and education with practical counseling applications to affect a broad spectrum of self-efficacy, empowerment, and the utilization of personal strengths.

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