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Simona Brickers, D.M.

Simona L. Brickers’ multi-disciplinary work is grounded in business management with focuses in social sciences and humanities, specifically organizational leadership. Her approach seeks to understand how individuals, broader social systems, and institutional values inform the experiences of the workforce and construct and sustain the company’s day-to-day operations and long-term business plans. The research is analyzed within the framework of diversity management, with an end goal of managing and strengthening the organization by implementing change, confronting problems and creating a positive, productive, and inclusive workplace. This framework establishes that transformation of the current nonprofit and other business infrastructures intentionally moves towards openness to diversity and inclusion diversity management goals. To realize those goals, we must work to dismantle the current business models and work even harder to create new ones. As an organizational leadership practitioner trained to examine how business leaders construct organizational structures, policies, and processes, and how these, in turn, shape social relations and create institutions that affect those within the organization. Ultimately this study of leadership is about organizational change. At the onset, we must recognize that organizational change requires creating spaces in which people begin to develop a critical understating of the cultural, political, economic, and other institutional forces that perpetuate systems of inequities, exclusion, and discrimination. The objective is to show business leaders that when they confront ethically questionable policies, possess cross-cultural sensitivity when communicating and practice active listening to maximize the vision, they will see the rewards in their bottom lines.

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School of Advanced Studies