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Sha-Shonda Porter, PhD, MFA

Sha-shonda Porter is a writer, a public speaker, a powerful coach, and a compelling teacher! She has proven time and time again that setting goals, focusing one's energy, and persevering produces desired results. One of her favorite poetic lines, "Life aint been no crystal stair," is indicative of the many struggles she has overcome. However, her willingness to share her own personal truths along with her strategies for overcoming, transforms the negative into positive. Her message is one of hope, compassion, revival, and transformation. Her primary objective is to help others to discover their life purpose and empower them to fulfill it. A first-generation college graduate, Sha-shonda has a BA in Writing and Literature; an MFA in Creative Writing; and a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Humanities and Culture. Her research produced a groundbreaking, analytical method and tool, Racial Identity Development Criticism (RIDC). A practical, interventionist, pedagogical approach to reading and discussing race, RIDC responds to the need for practical tools in multicultural education and discourse. Sha-shonda has published various poems, short stories, and academic articles. In 2012, she published her first novel, The Devil Stopped By. She is a dynamic speaker, gifted with the ability to speak into the lives and hearts of people in a way that empowers and transforms.

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