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Santosh Sambare, PhD

SANTOSH SAMBARE 20 Liberty Place Canton MA 02021 Phone (781)-821-7475 Cell (781)-254-6633 SUMMARY Results driven and progressive finance and business analytics professional with extensive domestic and global experience in financial management and portfolio analysis. . Expertise in product launches, financial analysis, business analytics, competitive intelligence, forecasting, pricing, strategic planning, and joint ventures. Consistently provided finance and market and insights through sophisticated market and financial analysis and secondary data analysis for Strategic Initiatives and Business Plans in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Hospital Markets as well as in the Consumer Products and Telecommunications Industries. Proven ability in consistently providing actionable recommendations and creative solutions to business and marketing decisions. ACCOMPLISHMENTS Product Launches Provided key marketing and pricing recommendations for domestic and international launch products. Implemented plans in the launch of pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, power systems and consumer packaged goods with yearly potential of $200 to $600MM. Evaluated investment in new products through financial projections and net present value as well as sensitivity and risk analysis. Coordinated planning for product launches in international markets. Identified the impact of injectable devices for fertility products in domestic and international markets. Forecasting & Pricing Provided timely forecasts and provided Return on Investment Analysis (ROI) in Promotional Programs with a yearly budget or $6MM to $10MM. Provided pharmaceutical pricing strategies, policies and guidelines for the domestic market as well for international affiliates in Europe, Middle East, Far East, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific Region. Financial & Business Analytics Supported $10 to $15MM promotional spend decisions for pharmaceuticals, injectable devices and biotech products with analysis of key metrics. Developed rapport and gained confidence of Marketing Management as well as with Payer Marketing, Corporate Accounts and Reimbursement Teams to identify key decisions and business problems and develop integrated market research plans to provide actionable recommendations. Planned and directed various market and financial studies with doctors, nurses, pharmacists as well pharmacy and medical directors from P&T committees in Managed Care Organizations. Also worked extensively with hospital pharmacists and P&T committees to formulate launch plans for cardiovascular, oncology, diabetic and endocrinology products Market Research Conducted global and domestic market research and successfully lead market research and analytic teams with a yearly market research budget of $1.5 to 2.0MM to consistently provide comprehensive, timely, relevant and up-to-date conclusions and recommendations to support domestic as well as global decisions in targeted countries with total revenues of $2B. Managed domestic and international vendors such as IMS, Wolters Kluwer, Verispan, etc. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE SS Consulting 2008-present Founder and Consultant Consulting for Altus Pharmaceuticals, Reimbursement Intelligence, Radical Group * Prepared forecast employing epidemiological information and calibrating with secondary and primary information * Conducted sensitivity to determine the impact of market growth, market share and compliance rates * Planned and Implemented primary market research studies with Managed Care Payers as well as Advisors/Consultants to Managed Care Plans * Implemented market research to quantify Managed Care reimbursement, Utilization and Pricing Tiers for current and new products * Planned and implemented ATU market research studies, segmentation research, concept testing, evaluation of messages and provided analytic insight in the oncology and HIV markets for Savient Pharmaceuticals, SBR and other clients * Provided key recommendations for $3MM a year Promotional Speaker Programs through survey research ROI analyses * Conducted Customer Satisfaction Studies which helped revenue increases of 10% a year * Estimated the impact of competing drug launches on use of Oxandrin in the HIV and Oncology markets PDL BioPharma, Edison, New Jersey 2005-2008 Senior Business Analytics (Market Research) Manager * Conducted qualitative and quantitative market research to support key decisions for the launch of Cardene IV Premix bag * Identified and prioritized international opportunities for IV Busulfex through analysis of Global IMS database and inputs from International distributors * Evaluated Cardene IV creative concepts, messages and positioning through market research with cardiologists and neurologists * Evaluated Speaker Programs with a $5MM annual budget through marker research and ROI analysis * Conducted packaging research for IV Busulfex vial, Cardene IV Premix bag and Retavase Kit. * Recommended life cycle extensions through market research surveys and conducted portfolio analysis for IV antihypertensive, thrombolytics and bone marrow conditioning agents which had a potential of $ 100 to $120MM a year * Consistently provided strategic and tactical decisions though planning, designing primary research for new and commercial products including new product launches, positioning and message testing, ATU studies and pricing evaluations ; research on pipeline and new products. * Proactively assessed and monitored competitive information and on a regular basis and communicated insights and intelligence on competitive marketing, research and business strategies. Facilitated SWOT and War Games with cross functional teams comprising of Key Opinion Leaders, Sales, Marketing, Medical, Regulatory, Research, New Products Planning and Business Development for commercial and new products. * Provided business analytic insights, competitive impact and forecast scenarios for decisions related to launch of new Premix formulation of Cardene with annual revenues of $ 200MM a year * Provided key insights with market analytics, pricing and packaging research in the launch of IV Busulfex vial * Provided pricing recommendation for Retavase and Cardene IV through pricing studies * Recommended life cycle extension for IV antihypertensive, thrombolytic and bone marrow conditioning agents * Provided market and competitive intelligence by designing and implementing a database to incorporate Sales, Marketing and Competitive Intelligence information Serono Laboratories Inc., Rockland, Massachusetts 1998-2002 Director, Market Research – Reproductive Health * Evaluated key strategies and tactics through qualitative and quantitative research in the US and international markets for fertility products with $600MM in revenues * Successfully completed market and competitive analysis in the launch of $200MM Gonal-f Multidose vial with recommendations for positioning, targeted messages, as well as promotional and pricing strategies in the US and four European countries – Germany, France, Italy and Spain * Conducted international studies to determine the acceptance of new injectable devices by patients, doctors and nurses with a market potential of $220MM a year * Planned and executed international message tracking study in 14 countries. * Recommended positioning, key messages, promotional programs, detail aids and marketing programs for fertility drugs * Handled a market research budget of $ 1.2 to $2.5MM a year to support domestic and international decisions * Lead cross-functional teams process with representatives from Sales, Marketing, Medical and Clinical, Regulatory, Supply Chains to evaluate new products in the reproductive market which included products for down regulations, stimulation, ovulation and endometrial preparation for transfer of embryos, this was done for the US and global markets * Provided key insights on competitive research and marketing strategies through SWOT Analysis with domestic an international team members from sales, marketing, clinical and regulatory as well as key inputs from KOLs Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, St. Davids, Pennsylvania 1992-1998 Global Pricing Manager 1996-1998 * Conducted primary research in South American Countries, UK and Canada * Defined Global Pricing Policies and Procedures to assure that international prices were within established guidelines * Evaluated proposed prices for launch products, price change proposals and line extensions in international markets * Conducted international pricing studies, determined price elasticity and developed price floors and pricing targets * Provided pricing guidance to affiliates in Europe, Middle East, Far East, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific Region * Commissioned and purchased IMS International Pricing Database to track price changes and measure impact * Analyzed the impact of parallel trade on multiple markets and recommended pricing actions through financial models Market Planning Manager 1992-1996 * Implemented market research studies and provided actionable recommendations for cardiovascular products such as Cordarone, Quinidex, Sectral, ISMO, Ziac, Inderal as well as intravenous Cordarone and Cardene * Conducted primary market research to support key recommendations for positioning, key messages, pricing in the launch of intravenous Cordarone- through physician and hospital research with first year sales of $25MM * Proposed sales force allocation and detailing plans and prepared sales training guide for intravenous Cordarone launch * Evaluated the financial impact of various pricing and promotional strategies through Return on Investment (ROI) for speaker programs with an annual budget of $20MM * Defined the feasibility of new pipeline products in cardiovascular, IBS, diabetic & growth hormone areas * Successfully worked with co-marketing partners in the design, management and implementation of projects SELECTIVE BUSINESS AND CONSULTING EXPERIENCE CIGNA, Director, Market Planning and Information 1990-1992 * Quantified customer satisfaction and implemented changes in key functions which increased customer service by 20% * Proposed and implemented plans for increasing enrollment in voluntary coverage with a yearly potential of $60MM AT&T New Jersey, Manager 1983-1990 Manager, Market Management, Power Systems * Proposed and implemented market development plans for battery plants, rectifiers, batteries as well power wire & cable * Directed market studies, assessed market needs and formulated market plans for segments such as OEMs, Regional Operating Companies, Independent Telephone Companies and Utilities * Spearheaded a multidivisional program to develop market requirements in the design of the Next Generation Battery Plant and Batteries - this supported a development of $25MM Manager, International Business Management & Market Development, Network Systems * Evaluated and forecasted international market potential and developed market plans for Network Systems * Managed programs to provide sales training and support for international sales managers * Planned and implemented international exhibitions and trade shows for product displays and delivered presentations Manager, Market Development and Strategic Planning, Videotex Systems * Developed a comprehensive Strategic Plan for AT&T’s National Videotex Service * Managed a program to evaluate the impact of national pricing agreements among major clients and key accounts * Identified market needs, developed forecasts, conducted strategic feasibility and formulated market plans for AT&T’s venture to initiate a National Videotex Service General Foods, Group Market Research Associate 1981-1983 * Planned and implemented test market programs for high volume fast moving consumer packaged goods, such as Jello Pudding Pops, Jello Gel Pops and Jello brand products * Synthesized test market and Nielsen data to provide strategic analysis for Jello brand products * Developed models to select tests and control markets, projected market potential and recommended roll out strategy * Projected National potential, evaluated brand performance and effectiveness of marketing programs Miles Laboratories, Decision Support 1978-1981 * Planned and implemented market research studies for Alka-Seltzer, One-A-Day and Flintstone Vitamins, to provide consumer insights * Evaluated strategic plans for Morning Star Farms and SOS Pads through financial and portfolio analysis * Assessed the financial risk in domestic and international investments through sensitivity and risk analyses * Recommended action plans for advertising and pricing decisions for consumer packaged goods, industrial chemicals, hospital and pharmaceutical products, with the aid of quantitative models Penn Dixie Steel and Decatur Electronics, Consultant 1976-1978 * Conducted market research study and competitive analysis * Implemented primary research surveys to support promotional and distribution decisions * Evaluated promotional messages and campaign TEACHING AND RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Bentley University, Waltham, Massachusetts Adjunct Faculty Finance 2015-present University of Phoenix Online, Phoenix Arizona Adjunct Faculty –Online Doctoral Program 2004-present University of Phoenix Online, Phoenix Arizona Adjunct Faculty –Online Undergraduate 2010-present University of Phoenix, Massachusetts Campuses Adjunct Faculty –MBA Program ` 2009-present SNHU, Manchester, New Hampshire Adjunct Faculty – MBA, Undergraduate 2012-present Mount Washington College, Manchester, NH Faculty- Business 2009-2014 Indiana University, South Bend, Indiana Associate Faculty - MBA Courses 1979-1981 Indiana University, IUPUI, Indiana Assistant Professor in Business and Marketing 1976-1978 University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois Teaching and Research Assistant 1974-1976 Currently Mentor for several doctoral dissertations and serve on many doctoral committees. Several doctoral students have completed their dissertation with my guidance. University of Phoenix Online 2004-present Adjunct Faculty –Online Doctoral Program Facilitated courses in Finance, Marketing and Management. Chaired doctoral dissertation and served as committee member on several dissertation. University of Phoenix, Massachusetts Campuses ` 2009-present Adjunct Faculty –Undergraduate and MBA Program Taught on ground courses in Marketing, Quantitative Methods, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Market Research University of Phoenix Online, Phoenix Arizona 2010-present Adjunct Faculty –Undergraduate and MBA Program Taught online courses in Marketing, Finance, Sales Communication, Marketing Communication Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, New Hampshire 2012-present Adjunct Faculty - Online MBA, On ground MBA Taught courses in Brand Management, Marketing, Product Management, Market Research Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, New Hampshire 2014-present Adjunct Faculty – On ground, undergraduate Taught courses in Brand Management, Marketing, Product Management, Market Research Mount Washington College 2009-2014 Associate Professor Teaching courses in Finance, Marketing, Money and Banking, Small Business Management, International Management, International Marketing, Introduction to International, Global Issues, Business Research Methods, Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Sales, Advertising, Marketing of Services, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Business Ethics, Principles of Management, Principles of Management, Market Research, Consumer Behavior EDUCATION Ph. D. University of Illinois Marketing and Finance MBA Case Western Reserve University Finance and Marketing MS Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Metallurgical Engineering B. Tech. Indian Institute of Technology Metallurgical Engineering PMP Project Management Institute Project Management Professional

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