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Sandra S. Jenkins, PhD

Teaching online and education (in general) are my passions.  They increase critical thinking, improve writing skills and develop a person overall.  Further, I think online learning encourages honest, open sharing by removing many cultural barriers.  In terms of my career, I worked as an HR (Human Resources) Director and Affirmative Action Officer after receiving a BA in Communication. Later, I secured a double master’s (one in Social-Psychology and the other in Clinical Pastoral Education [CPE]).  In my second life, I finally saw the light and became both a professor and therapist.  Given that writing and publishing became nearly a third life (oh, my!  Is that possible?), I became an APA editor early in my educational journey.   On a more serious and in-depth focus of this bustling career, my primary clinical focus has been working with prisoners and communities, while also having served as a Prison Liaison for about ten years. After receiving the double master’s at NCSU and Duke Universities, I found quite a niche in cognitive development and treatment for PTSD’s. What is more, developing and designing research is among my top ten for teaching.  In fact, I currently teach, develop several courses and research studies for psychology as well as train other psychological professionals for the state of PA as a part of that niche.  Here at UOP, I serve as a Doctoral Chair as well as a workshop developer. The journey has been a wonderful one.

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