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Ruth Grendell, DNSc, R.N.

I am a native of Michigan, but have called California my home for several years. My initial nursing education was at Providence Hospital in Detroit under the tutelage of the Daughters of Charity Nuns, or “God’s Geese”. Soon after we arrived in San Diego, I earned my bachelor’s degree at San Diego State. I was in the first master’s class at USD and in the first group of five in the doctorate program. Most of my clinical experiences were in the medical-surgical setting in staff, teaching and supervisory positions. I also spent some wonderful years in the operating room and as a private scrub and office nurse for two reconstructive surgeons. However, the educator part of me heeded the call to try a full time academic career. I enjoyed every minute of it—even the long hours of attending faculty meetings, preparing for classes and grading papers and walking the hospital corridors with students. An unexpected opportunity to explore international nursing in South Africa was presented to me—and of course, I jumped at the chance. A colleague, and I took eleven nursing students along and we spent six weeks in a large rural hospital and immunized many children in the villages. I was hooked! I accompanied small groups of nursing and pre-med students every summer and during the Christmas break for several years to Uganda, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Navajo Indian Reservation, the Dominican Republic, India, Romania (three times), Albania, Swaziland, and Brazil. And that wasn’t enough to satisfy me, so I joined some humanitarian organizations on short health care missions to China, Tibet, and Kenya. I am still a consultant for a nursing program in India, and have made some connections with a hospital in Kenya. Some day, when I have time, I want to write a book, “Duffle Bag Miracles and Other Amazing Tales”.

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