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Rosann Downing, Ph.D.

Currently I serve dual roles as Associate Faculty in the School of Advanced Studies as well as Doctoral Mentor for University of Phoenix Online. I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to interact with and guide students as their instructor and mentor. I am committed to promoting the success of my students and providing a positive educational experience. I am honored to guide students through their journey of inquiry [research] and discovery [analysis]. My professional background includes various faculty, financial, and leadership positions within private four year and public community college systems. Currently, I serve in a full-time role as Director of Financial Aid & Academic Advising for an urban community college. Before entering the education field, I worked for ten years in the banking industry. I was raised in a small, rural town about thirty miles outside of Kansas City. I attended Penn Valley Community College, Park University, and Capella University. I hold a B.S. in Social Psychology, an MBA, and a PhD in Educational Administration. My professional and research interests include educational leadership and administration, trends in higher ed, student retention, institutional research, business management, financial literacy, and coaching/mentoring. My personal interests include reading, boating and spending time with friends and family. My family members are true supporters and without their support I would not be able to effectively do the things I do. I have a wonderful husband and two daughters, 28 and 24.

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