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Ronda Gregg, Ed.D.

My personal education journey includes two Master's degrees, one in Special Education, Behavior Disorders/Learning Disability and the other in Leadership/Principal. I also obtained a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAGS) in Educational Leadership. Lastly, my doctorate is in Instructional Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction. My teaching background was in elementary and middle school, while my administrative career, which spanned 23 years, has been as a Principal and Director of Special Services. As a Central Office Director, my role encompassed more than Special Education. The role included Homeless Liaison, Home Education Liaison, Court Liaison for families and students, Section 504 Coordinator, Preschool programs, and writing numerous grants, both federal and competitive. My higher education teaching career began as a night school adjunct faculty in 1995. Since that year, I have written online graduate courses in Advanced Special Education certification areas, currently teach a course in Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities (EBD) and regularly visit the graduate students taking the clinical courses in the EBD program. I am an Advanced Facilitator for undergraduate and graduate courses for the University of Phoenix (UoP), primarily teaching Legal and Ethical Issues in Education courses since 2008. When UoP students are doing their teaching internships in New Hampshire or parts of Massachusetts, I am delighted to be back in the classroom with them. I also do workshops for our local school districts and supervise student interns for the university in New Hampshire and neighboring states. It has been wonderful working with the doctoral students for the university. Each candidate's topic is unique. While my background is in education, it has been a learning experience with many of the topics the candidates have chosen. The topics widen my own horizon of knowledge. I have published research on a participation rubric together with several other persons from the university (2014). An additional research publication was the result of a study that I did on teacher perceptions of the position of School Social Worker (2007). I have presented at a National Conference on Mental Health in Schools (Charleston, SC 2011) and at numerous state conferences on transitioning high school youth to adulthood. I have given many workshops to paraprofessionals in New Hampshire. Grants and implementation have included topics such as Crisis Management, Positive School Discipline, Response to Interventions and Suicide Prevention. Recently, I have written and presented workshops on helping teachers to use literature to teach social and emotional skills. I am currently involved in research with a colleague from UoP. We have researched workplace bullying in schools with particpants from the East and West coasts of the U.S. We are set to present our findings at several national and international conferences in 2019.

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