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Rochelle Holland, Ph.D.

My name is Dr. Rochelle Holland. I was born and reared in New York City. Although most of my years have been in New York, I have resided in Virginia when completing my undergraduate and part of my graduate education. As for now, I am back residing in New York City. At Norfolk State University, I completed my Bachelor's degree in Sociology, and Master's degree in Urban Education: Guidance and Community Counseling. I am happy to inform everyone that I completed my Ph.D. as an online student at Walden University. My doctorate degree is in Human Services, with an emphasis in family studies and intervention strategies.In the past, I have worked in several different types of employment settings. For example, I have worked at community counseling agencies as a therapist, the New York State Education Department, managing the N.Y. State's Welfare to Work Program, the New York City Department of Education as a guidance counselor, and City University of New York at Borough of Manhattan Community College as a counseling professor. Other areas of my work includes conducting social research.

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