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Richard Hall, DA

Dr. Hall is a seasoned practitioner-researcher in government management, cultural psychology, and influence operations. He has 25 years experience in managing government contracts, human factors design, and developing intelligence operations. Within his role of managing government contracts, Dr. Hall served as a contracting officers’ technical representative (COTR II) for USG. In this role, he gained substantial experience and insight relative to government management to include leadership, cross-agency collaboration, bureaucracy navigation, and policy formation that led to mission success. Dr. Hall is also a board certified human factors engineer who participated in and managed myriad projects for the Department of Defense (DOD). Relative to intelligence operations for CIA, Dr. Hall held the positions of Research Scientist, Technical Information Officer (TIO), and Covert Action Infrastructure Special Skills Officer (CAI-SSO). In these positions, Dr. Hall was responsible for various Intelligence Community (IC) research programs and projects. As a project leader, he led high-tech, advanced technology teams in developing, designing, and producing, infrastructure for global deployment. During his tenure at CIA, Dr. Hall was an Intelligence Community (IC) advisor for the IC postdoctoral program. In addition to mentoring post docs, he provided guidance, assessed learning, and continually engaged co-workers in research. Within the Agency, he created an office-based course curriculum and taught co-workers how to apply marketing principles to develop and shift strategies and approaches to solve various problem sets. Dr. Hall obtained his doctoral degree in Higher Education/Cultural Psychology from George Mason University, VA. A native of Virginia and retired from CIA in 2015, Dr. Hall has published an article in Journal of Business Research (JBR), International Council for Small Business (ICSB), and Cross-cultural Research. He is a current member of Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research, College of Doctoral Studies, University of Phoenix.

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