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Rhonda Whitfield Franklin, Ed.D., MPA, BBA

Rhonda Whitfield Franklin is an academic-practitioner. Dr. Whitfield has nearly fifteen years of academic experience in public and private four year colleges and universities. She has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in online and campus-based academic programs. In addition, she has supervised capstone projects, theses and dissertations and directed research projects for students in various academic programs. She also served as faculty advisor for graduate student associations and honor societies, providing leadership for academic excellence, community service and professional development. Her current research interests include community health, experiential learning and nonprofit leadership. Dr. Whitfield-Franklin is co-editor of an academic case book, which includes best practice cases on nonprofit excellence from nonprofit enterprises around the globe. In addition to her academic experience, she has over fifteen years of professional work experience as an organizational management consultant for private, public and nonprofit sector businesses. Her work involves program planning and evaluation projects for afterschool programs, foster care interventions, community health initiatives and leadership development trainings. She is an active member in professional associations, advisory board member and civic volunteer in local communities.

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