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Rhonda Waters, Ph.D.

Dr. Waters has extensive academic credentials and real life experience in public speaking organizational development, including Project Management. She has worked with Fortune 100 companies, small organizations and individuals to help them all achieve key indices in terms of employee retention and customer/client satisfaction. She is accustomed to working in high- pressure environments that require positive work relationship development. She is owner and President of The Mutare Group and a full service business development agency offering consultation, education, skills development, and problem solving in all areas of organizational development through coaching, seminars, and professional speaking. Dr. Waters is also a Consulting Hypnotist and CEO of Mutare Hypnosis, LLC. Both companies are minority and women-owned. Dr. Waters has developed many on site and field training programs in the areas of teambuilding, technical training, customer service, personal development and process improvements. She has studied adult learning methods in depth and has provided meaningful and productive presentations to varied audiences and learning styles. Customized trainings are intensively customer focused and use methodologies that center on human resource management and development in addition to financial preparedness. Dr. Waters has provided training and planning in public, private and academic settings. In larger meetings or training sessions, including online programs she uses constantly energetic and engaging methods to keep all participants involved and focused on areas selected for development. In addition to strong documentation for program rationale attendees also learn how to make connections to their real lives so learning is carried out immediately. As an author Dr. Waters has developed books to address specific issues of thousands of employees and students that she has worked with over a 30 year career.“Career Transitions: A Proactive Resource Workbook” details methods for making changes from one field or job to another while keeping a balance with family and other obligations. “Finding your 10%” covers in depth how personal finance restrictions limit opportunities and how to methodically work through problems to as a family to achieve security. Her next book “How to become a successful adult college graduate” is an interactive text showing adults how they can prepare and balance family, work and college. Project Management principles of looking at the larger picture then dividing tasks, setting proactive schedules and accountability from all stakeholders are cornerstones of Dr. Waters’ programs and educational sessions. Academic Credentials:  Postdoctoral Training, University of Phoenix, faculty development programs.  Postdoctoral Training, Capella University, faculty development programs.  CITE Certification  Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development with a Specialization in Organizational Change, The Union Institute, Cincinnati, OH, 2000  Master of Education, Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA, 1993 Academic Positions:  Adjunct Faculty, Management, Organizational Behavior & Professional Development facilitator in undergraduate and graduate programs. Doctoral Mentor University of Phoenix 2000- present  Adjunct Faculty – Business, Organizational Behavior, Management instructor, Doctoral Mentor Capella University 2004-presnt  Adjunct Faculty – Business, Management, Organizational Behavior instructor American Intercontinental University 2003-2004  Adjunct Faculty – Professional Communications & Project Management instructor Wentworth Institute of Technology 2000-2001 Main Academic Interests:  Organizational & Executive Leadership  Organizational Change  Entrepreneurship  Multiculturalism Professional Positions  President, Waters & Company, Inc.  President, The Mutare Group  Manager, Verizon Books:  Waters, R., “Career Transitions: A Proactive Resource Workbook” 2003, TMG Press. IBSN: 0970962606  Waters, R., “Finding your 10%” 2005, TMG Press.  Waters, R., “How to become a successful adult college graduate” 2009 TMG Press Professional Association Memberships:  National Black MBA Association  National Guild of Hypnotists   Courses Taught at Undergrad and Master Level – Currently University of Phoenix Online and on ground COM/110 INTRODUCTION TO ORAL COMMUNICATION COMM/310 PUBLIC SPEAKING COM/TM541 COMMUNICATION FOR MANAGERS OF TECHNOLOGY COMM/218 PUBLIC SPEAKING FOR THE IT PROFESSIONAL COM/525 MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION AND ETHICS LDR/515 ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT MBA/500 FOUNDATIONS OF PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING MGT/532.2 HUMAN RELATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR MGT/507 MANAGEMENT 2000 ORG/502 HUMAN RELATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR MBA/520 TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP MGT/521 MANAGEMENT I also mentor doctoral candidates. References Upon Request

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