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Ray Bynum, Ed.D.

My name is Ray Bynum from Tucson, Arizona. I have been in criminal justice for over 30 years. I began as a Security Police Officer in the Air Force. I returned to Southwest Missouri to be a deputy sheriff for Jasper County Sheriff's Department, Joplin, Missouri. I worked in the jail for a year, then worked in the ID, booking, communications and transport. I became an investigator in fugitive/warrants for two years. I moved to Arizona in 1982 and went to work for Pima County Sheriff's Department- Corrections. I became a Corrections Sergeant in Jan 1984. I have dealt with gang members, juveniles, females and the mentally ill. While working in the work release program, a few inmates would go to work and forget to return. I became the coordinator/ fugitive investigator for the AWOL Task Force in searching for and returning these inmates back to custody. A big game of hide/seek, except we used the entire United States and a few countries. I retired from the Sheriff’s Dept. in March 2010 after 27 + years. I have degrees in Criminal Justice, Public Management and Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. The doctoral dissertation topic was "Staff Education and Transformational Leadership in Criminal Justice." I am a member of the American Jail Association, National Tactical Officers Association and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. I have been an online instructor in associate level Criminal Justice with University of Phoenix since May 2008. I am a dissertation chair and committee member for the UOP Doctor of Management and Healthcare Administration programs since August 2010 (criminal justice, security, juvenile justice, military, business admin, etc.). I am currently the lead for the Cultural Conflict and Society research community, Workplace Diversity Center. I have been teaching Criminal Justice, Higher Education and Substance Abuse to Masters and Doctoral Students at University of the Rockies since 2010. I am married with four grown children and nine grandchildren. We have cat who believes he owns the place. I have a lot of fun with the grandkids. I like to read, listen to music and travel. I enjoy teaching and believe in providing a rewarding educational experience.

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