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Ramon Moran, PhD

I am a native New Yorker residing in Virginia Beach with my family. Since 1993, my workplace experience has been with vocational instruction, theological programs, and educational leadership. Having served as faculty for various schools (like Liberty University, Regent University, Hampton University), prior to this I was the general education coordinator of a multi-campus Online school that quickly surpassed all of the local campus student populations, a trainer at the CBN television network, served as educational advisor at Langley AFB, and taught foreign languages and language arts at private schools (including the supervisor of a k-12 academy). My research interests are diverse due to my background in both education, leadership and theological studies. Most currently I am part of a team of academics writing a book on the history of religions (in press by December 2018). When a research fellow at UOP, I conducted research on how workplace spirituality can best be integrated in law enforcement training curriculum and administrative policies following a content analysis research design. My article was published in 2017 in the Journal of Management. Spirituality & Religion, and it was selected in 2018 as the most innovative article published by the journal last year. My pastimes include walks on the beach boardwalk, watching films with family, casual reading and enjoying art exhibits.

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