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Patricia Talbert, Ph.D., MPH., MS., CPHA., CHES, cPHN

I am a professor and president for the Center for Professional Academic Center, LLC. working to promote academic excellence and providing accreditation services. Presently, I was the vice president for Dayton’s Bluff Seniors in St. Paul, Minnesota, which is a Living at Home/Block Nurse program serving the community with health-related care to the elderly and the disabled. I specialize in studies of public health, environmental health, and health care management with a primary focus on women’s health, health promotion and education, behavior health modification, globalization of health care, health care policies, and improving patient care services and access. My research interests include primary prevention of cancer, global and environmental health, cardiovascular disease, youth violence, higher education, and exploring health disparities, with a focus on social and physical determinants of health. A current educational research publication is “Strategies to Increase Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation Rates” published in the Journal for Developmental Education. I serve on numerous boards, advisory committees, and work in higher education teaching and developing courses, reviewing health programs, and accreditation materials.

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