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Patricia S. Traynor, PhD

During the last 14 years, Patricia Traynor has enjoyed a passion for teaching and working with doctoral students from Education, Higher Education, Healthcare, and Organizational Management fields. Courses ranged from leadership, to education and higher education administration, and business or management. In contrast, the last several years focused on increasing the effectiveness of research methods, design, and statistical analysis and serving as a subject matter expert for curriculum revisions in these areas. ***Dr. Pat is also an enthusiast in serving as a dissertation chair and committee member with approximately 50 students who passed dissertations. Research activities are diverse from traditional research activities to more contemporary applications and business or practitioner research models in organizational settings. Conference presentations have been prime along with publications and scholarly activities for select professional organizations, research reports for business consultation clients, and community development foundation grants. ***Still, over the last 25 plus years, Dr. Pat's distinctive career has followed several non-traditional paths with innovative executive leadership positions and roles that centered on building strategic alliances with universities and businesses to address central organizational leadership and management needs and issues associated with workforce development. ***One commonality that appeared across the broad spectrum of diverse executive experiences in public and private institutions and other business entities was the focus on research and the need for effective data analysis to guide major decisions and trends. International educational exchange projects were also developed with China, Japan, Mexico, and Canada through regional economic/community development initiatives. Other research priorities centered on initiating federal research principal investigator roles along with research for business consultation clients. Several multi-million, multi-year federal research grants were also approved by National Science Foundation, Title III, TRIO, FIPSE, and Title VI. In addition, research funding projects were obtained from the Kellogg Foundation, Gates Foundation, HP Foundation, and other state entities. *** In response to several Fortune 500 firms, collaborative research initiatives were also developed in-house using academic research and theoretical knowledge about methods and design, education and training priorities for workforce development, and outcome assessments and benchmark models.*** Over time, numerous scholarly activities, and national conference presentations included (but not limited to) several prominent national organizations. *** Current research interests include several areas such as: neurological research implications for memory and learning; multi-level research modeling and practical multivariate data analysis for organizations; holistic model for critical care nurse manager competencies and patient satisfaction; emerging web technologies for infusion in the online classroom; and factorial or path analysis for assessing engagement.

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