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Nina Hudson-Ferguson, Dr.

My journey to achieving my Doctorate was long and filled with challenges. I am the daughter of a mom who raised me alone despite having a father in the military. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and attended the public school system. When I graduated with hopes of attending college, I realized that that would only be an option for me if I assumed all financial responsibility. I pursued an associates in Occupational Studies and worked various office jobs while doing so. I met and married the most wonderful man James and together we raised our three sons. He is a Nuclear Engineer and this often necessitates relocation. We relocated to Texas and I pursued my Bachelors' degree, driving two hours each way to attend the University of Houston-Clear Lake. After I received my Bachelor's, I took additional courses to become certified in Addiction Counseling. My husband and I are both licensed and ordained ministers and believe that true ministry comes from having faced and conquered life challenges. After 8 years, we relocated to Pittsburgh, PA, my hometown and I practiced clinical addiction work and held progressive management and leadership jobs along the way. In the interim, I acquired my MBA and a Master's in Psychology. I have had significant health challenges in the last 22 years but at each point when the challenge seemed insurmountable, I relied on my faith, my spouse, my sons, and my health professionals to reestablish health and keep moving forward. My greatest pride and joy is my 23 year old grandson who is a Juilliard graduate. He is the one who prompted my going all the way for a doctorate and was instrumental in making sure I did not quit that arduous journey. In 2014, the Doctorate was done and I have been able to do what I do best which is reaching back to help others, being a bridge across turbulent waters, and providing a listening ear and when solicited, sage advice.That's Nina (9A) in a nutshell. I hope you can find some value in this missive and perhaps see me as someone you would like to mentor you. Be Blessed ~~Dr. 9A (Nina)

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