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Nicole Watkins, PhD

Dr. Nicole S. Watkins serves as the grant-funded, K20 Oklahoma Education Technology Trust Co-Director, overseeing day-to-day operations of the program, developing OETT professional development sessions, technology demonstrations, and classroom technology integration sessions for public school teachers as well as administrators in Leadership seminars. Currently a Research Associate at K20 Center at The University of Oklahoma and Director of the OETT Phase II Technology Grants to Schools program, she and her research team provide professional development to teachers and administrators for technology integration and professional learning community development. She and her team promote systemic change through the development of professional learning communities using technology grants as a catalyst paired with research based pedagogical professional development. The grant also supports ongoing research for systemic change initiatives through participant recruitment, data collection, and evaluative measures. In addition to funding the K20 Center Research initiative, the funder also provides grants to individual schools participating in the program. Dr. Watkins manages the grant application review, award and evaluation process. She received her B.S. in Education in 1998 and was a public school educator for 10 years. She finished her M.Ed. in Instructional Design in 2008 and recently finished her Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Curriculum Supervision. In addition to serving as mentors for ABD students, she has been serving as adjunct faculty for both graduates and undergraduates for the past 8 years while working on the research campus. Her research interests include social media, online learning, informal learning, blended learning, professional development, professional learning communities, teacher isolation, and systemic change initiatives. She serves on the Oklahoma Technology Association Board of Directors, presents at local, state, national and international conferences related to best practices using technology for systemic change. Dr. Watkins also serves on university, local, and state committees.

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