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Mohammed Miah, EdD

I have been a faculty member at the University of Phoenix, Nevada Campus since 1995. During this time, I taught undergraduate mathematics and graduate/undergraduate business courses. Also, I directed Math and Stat Lab at the Nevada Campus. From 1995 until 2003. In the year 2000, I became the Campus College Chair for the College of Humanities and Sciences for the Nevada campus. In that capacity, at the campus level, I assumed administrative responsibilities to implement directives from Dean and DAA, especially for student outcome and retention. I continued that function until May 2017. During that time, I also consulted and trained faculty members on various academic and UOPX policy issues, directed class scheduling, monitor class performance, and enforce University policies related to the college, participate in curriculum development. In addition to teaching in both online and local campus for both graduate and undergraduate level, I also serve as a dissertation committee member for the School of Advanced Studies. I also collaborate with internal and external collogues in various research projects. Many of those collaborations lead to academic presentation/publication. Last 15 years, those lead to 15 academic publication/presentations. Before joining the University of Phoenix, I worked for Lockheed as a senior scientist for ten years. My major project was on Estimation Uncertainty and the use of Artificial Intelligent in data validation. Also, during that time, I designed surveys to answer project specific questions, constructed models to represent the inherent behavior of a process under study, and often conducted statistical tests to examine various project related questions. I often used statistical models to provide justifications for resource allocation to various projects; developed and implemented techniques to optimize quality control/quality assurance. Estimating data uncertainty and evaluating data quality needed me to interact with other fellow scientists. These interactions often lead to various conference presentations/publications.

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