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Melissa A. Holmberg, PhD

I have been in higher education since 1999 and K-12 for 5 years (language arts, ESL, & choir). I currently teach online, supervise student teachers, and write curriculum on a contract basis for higher education and private organizations. I am the Area Chair at UOP Online for graduate teacher education- elementary/secondary and in the past for the Phoenix ground campus in the area of Continuing Teacher Education. I've been serving in the role as Lead Faculty for Dissertation Services since May- 2014. I am an advocate for ELL students and support the need for all to receive an equal education. My specialization/interests in education includes: ESL/BLE, online communication best practices, adult education methods, research/writing, teacher education, curriculum design, and roles like student teacher supervising, new hire mentoring, and area chair. Currently, I am an Instructor at the University of Hawai'i Maui College and teach developmental/ELL to advanced research writing and humanities classes.

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