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Accomplished Educator, Therapist, Public Health Systems Supervisor/Manager, Service Provider, Licensed Masters Level Public Health Social Worker, Gerontologist and Consultant, Facilitator of therapeutic groups and Individual Therapy sessions, Therapy Provider. State of South Carolina Agency Affiliations, Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, Department of Mental Health, Department of Health and Environmental Control, Department of Education, First Steps to School Readiness and Department of Health and Human Services. Intensive knowledge of Micro and Macro Social Work Practice with special populations, Knowledge of Human Services Educational Curriculum, Field Placements, Professional Licensing Requirements, Standards for Professional Practice, Code of Ethics and Cultural Awareness, IDEA Federal Regulations and requirements for Early Intervention (Part C) and Special Education School Based Rehabilitation Therapy(Part B) Services. Program assessments, development, implementation, evaluation, policy development, technical assistance, audits, quality assurance, data and compliance monitoring and reporting, continuous quality improvement, training, and staff development. Knowledge of assessments and community analysis. Research Assistant for the University of South Carolina. Conduct survey research.

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College of Social Sciences