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Maureen Marzano, PhD, MBA

OVERVIEW OF PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND AND SCHOLARSHIP: • Possess 20 years of healthcare organization management and leadership and business consulting experience. • Prior work experience and scholarship such as presentations and unpublished research have been in the healthcare, insurance industry, manufacturing, governmental agencies, and vocational rehabilitation services. • Possess extensive experience working with universities, private researchers, and other special interest groups to develop proposals for new or continued funding of research projects and demonstration projects, as well as grant solicitation. • Over 25 years of operating a business consulting practice with an emphasis since 1997 on health care services, health promotion program development, and research and program evaluation. • I have taken on special projects relating to business planning and research proposal development, grant writing, solicitation, and private funding. UOPX TEACHING EXPERIENCE: • From June 2020 to Present: University Research Methodologist with the CDS. Facilitate doctoral-level research courses, and serve as the URM on dissertation committees. • 2007-2020: University of Phoenix Associate faculty. s • From 2007- 2020 Facilitated a variety of content courses in the Doctorate of Health Care Administration program, Doctorate in Business, and Doctorate in Management. • From 2007- 2012, Facilitated MBA and Criminal Justice research and other courses through the Colorado Campus in the Denver metro area. OTHER CDS APPOINTMENTS: • Healthcare subject matter expert, (SME) for the redesign of several DHA courses. • In 2014, I was the primary subject matter expert (SME) for the development of the Moreno Medical Center virtual organization used exclusively by the SAS students, and primarily DHA students. • In 2014, 2015, 2016 I have been appointed the CFAL for The DHA Program, and in 2017 the title changed to FAL. For 2017-2018 I was appointed the FAL for both the DHA and the DBA program. In 2020. I was appointed the FAL for the DHA program until I took on a URM role in June 2020. • From Sept. 2016-Aug 2019, I was appointed DHA Program Lead Faculty Area Chair until that position was eliminated. EDUCATION: • Ph.D. in Organization and Management with a focus on health care systems: Capella University - Published Dissertation titled "Workers’ Compensation Closed Claims Outcomes: Interpreter Utilization and Spanish Language Claimant Differences”. • MBA/TM with a focus on technology innovation and management: University of Phoenix Lone Tree Colorado Ground Campus. • BA in Liberal Arts: Western Illinois University. My CV is attached to my profile for additional information not included in this section. I can be reached by email. For phone contacts, please contact me via email to schedule an appointment for a telephone conference. Publications: Marzano, M. A. (2006). Workers' compensation closed claim outcomes: Interpreter utilization and Spanish language claimant differences (Order No. 3226791). Available from ProQuest Central; ProQuest Central; ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (304910695). Klepinger, A., & Marzano, M. (2020). Implementation of an intubation checklist. Sigma Nursing Repository. Hatherill, L., Esmail, A., & Marzano, M. (2017). Service leadership and green data center initiatives. International Journal of Leadership.2 (1). ISSN Online: 2377-0635 ISSN Print: 2377-0627 Annual Issue Conferences: Akojie, P., Haynes. S., Magabo, M., Marzano, M., Navarro, M., Patterson, M., Reed., R.. & Underdahl., L.(2022, Oct. 13-15). Bridging the Gap Between Educators & Employers. The University of Phoenix Knowledge Without Boundaries Conference (Virtual). Phoenix, AZ. Jimenez, F., Huffman, L, Marzano, M., & Williams, W., (2022, Oct. 13-15). An exploratory Case Study of the Way Follower Feedback Impacts Leaders’ Efficacy and Decisions. The University of Phoenix Knowledge Without Boundaries Conference (Virtual). Phoenix, AZ. Bolandbala, Z., & Marzano, M. (2020). Root-Cause of Pre-Analytical Errors in Laboratory Testing. The University of Phoenix Knowledge Without Boundaries Conference (Virtual). Phoenix, AZ. Seagren, C, Oldin, R., & Marzano, M. (2020). Biometrics: A descriptive Case Study to Explore the Quality of Doctorate of Nursing Practice Projects. The University of Phoenix Knowledge Without Boundaries Conference (Virtual). Thompson, M., Marzano, M., & Underdahl, L. (2020). Elemental Health Counselor Therapeutic Alliance in Session-Limited Depression Treatment: A Phenomenological Study. The University of Phoenix Knowledge Without Boundaries Conference (Virtual). O’Neil, B., & Marzano, M. (2020). Nuts and Bolts of Nuclear Medicine. Nebraska Methodist College Doctoral Programs Translating Research into Practice-A Virtual Scholarly Event. Suddith, C., & Marzano, M. (2020). Implementing Evidence-Based Practices for Organizational Change: Improving Chronic Disease Prevention Knowledge Through Faith-Based Wellness Programming. Nebraska Methodist College Doctoral Programs Translating Research into Practice-A Virtual Scholarly Event.

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