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Mary Weber, DBA

Dr. Mary J. Weber, DBA is full-time faculty for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - LLCE and adjunct for the University of Phoenix School of Business and School of Advanced Studies (SAS). Dr. Weber's current research interests focus on social networking in distance education and exploring new technologies impacting the application to academic learning and online classroom delivery. Weber has researched social networking from instructor and student perspective to glean a deeper understanding of the use and applications of social networking and technology in online learning. Other research interests include consumer ethnocentrism as applied to shrimp, WI cheese, craft beer and wine industries. These studies focus on consumer ethnocentrism and their predilection to purchase products with in local, nation, and foreign countries. The purpose is to examine nationalism and patriotism toward country of origin and foreign products to assist marketers and organizational leaders in the food services industry. Dr. Weber authored Consumer Ethnocentrism in the USA and Wine Choice; Managing Amid Perception: Wine Price-Point Considerations in Several States in the USA; and Discovering a Cultural System Using Consumer Ethnocentrism Theory. Dr. Weber co-authored Regional Influences Upon the Selection of Imported Versus Domestic Seafood and authored Introduction to Applied Data Gathering and Analysis peer-reviewed in published journals. Dr. Weber authored Consumer Ethnocentric Tendencies to Protect Wisconsin-made Cheese; co-authored Social Networking in Distance Learning – Help or Hindrance; co-authored of Social Networking in Distance Learning – Planning for Success; and has presented at two conferences. Dr. Weber attended the Ecole De Management of the University of Grenoble, France Doctorate of Business Administration Program defending in 2006; is a graduate of University of Phoenix Master’s of Arts in Organizational Management; and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Dr. Weber served in the foodservice industry for 30 years in training and human capital development. Weber established the Louisiana Restaurant Association’s Education Foundation and credited with the development and launch of two state certification programs, high school culinary and restaurant management program, a scholarship program, and several other initiatives supporting career opportunities in Louisiana’s restaurant industry.

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