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Mary Robbins, PhD

My formal education includes strong educational, technical and management components. My degree in Higher Education and my experience as faculty, staff and student give me the advantage of understanding issues from many perspectives and the ability to share that knowledge with students in a positive, effective manner. B.S. Secondary Education University of Dallas M.S. Computer Science University of North Texas Ph.D. Higher Education University of North Texas M.B.A. Telecommunications University of Dallas My professional experience consists of over thirty years in the Information Systems and higher education arena. My responsibilities included strategic planning, management and budgetary responsibility over the years in an educational environment. I have taught computer science and management classes at the undergraduate and graduate level. I understand and support diversity in all parts of life and especially in the education environment. Working and learning in a diverse environment encourages us to appreciate the value and opportunities diversity offers and to judge based on character and ethics rather than gender, ethnicity, physical characteristics or background.

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