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Mary Nelson, RN. Ph.D.

Education: 2014 Master of Science, Nutrition and Wellness; Benedictine University, Lisle, IL; Thesis: Leadership Attributes Among Nutrition Majors; 2000 Doctorate of Philosophy, Nursing; University of Maryland, Baltimore; Dissertation: A Stage Matched Physical Activity Intervention in Military Primary Care; 1992 Master of Science, Emergency Trauma Nursing; University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Thesis: Nursing Care Hours Needed Versus Nursing Care Hours Available in a Level I Trauma Center Scholarship: Webber, BJ, Nelson, MS, Gildengorin, V (2012). Indicators of sequential fitness assessment failures for Travis Air Force Base airmen who attend the be well course Military Medicine; 177 (3) 302 Nelson, MS, Robbins, AS, Thornton, JA, (2006) An intervention to reduce excess body weight in adults with or at risk for type 2 diabetes Military Medicine; 171(5):409-14 Nelson, MS & Gordon MS, (2003). Physical activity determinants of military health care recipients Military Medicine; 168(3) 212-218. Nelson, MS, Walters, V, Watkins, L. (1996). Competency verification for conscious sedation. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 22 (2), 116-120. Nelson, MS (1994). Triage based Emergency Department classification system. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 20 (6), 611-619. Nelson, MS (1993). Critical pathways in the Emergency Department. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 19 (2), 110-114.

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