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Mark Kass, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark Kass currently works as the Managing Director for Ph. Diversified Services Worldwide, Inc., a firm that specializes in assisting corporations, government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in global political risk assessment, conflict resolution, and change management. Dr. Kass uses his extensive experience in management and leadership training to assist clients in managing the changes they encounter during periods of growth and periods of decline. His emphasis on creating or sustaining cultures of corporate innovation during periods of change has helped his clients manage their businesses effectively through turbulent economic challenges, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Kass has lectured and taught widely throughout the world. His lecture topics have included the management of political and business cultural conflicts during organizational transitions; the implementation of change control management strategies; and the design of global training and educational curricula for major universities and international organizations. He. Is also a Mandarin speaker.
 Dr. Kass received a doctorate in international relations from the University of Missouri. He also received a master's degree in international relations from Creighton University, and a bachelor's degree in political science from Grinnell College. His personal interests include music and martial arts. Dr. Kass reviews books for the New York Journal of Books. 
Dr. Kass’ most recent published work, “Intercultural cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians: A guide to conflict resolution facilitation” demonstrates how conflict and change management within the Israeli-Palestinian geo-political dispute has relevance and solutions for understanding effective cross-cultural communication in the workplace. Dr. Kass also blogs on international events for the Huffington Post at: For more information, or to connect with Dr. Kass, please visit his LinkedIn Profile at:

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