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Marilyn K. Simon, Ph.D.

I have been actively involved in Mathematics and Computer Education since 1969, and research and teaching in the humanities, social sciences, schools of education, business and health since 1990. I have taught all levels of mathematics and study skill development from pre-school through graduate school. I have been honored to receive outstanding faculty awards at several universities. I have also published numerous books on mathematics education, scholarly research, Chaos theory, high stakes test-preparation, and online learning. My first non-scholarly book WEHT (What Ever Happened To…) was published in January 2013. This is about finding long lost friends through virtual networking. I also have over 40 <gulp> years of entrepreneurial experience. I am the president and co-founder of Best-Prep, inc., an educational consulting firm. I have successfully mentored hundreds of doctoral students. My book: Dissertation and Scholarly Research: Recipes for success (2013 edition) is being used at several public and private universities. I have been fortunate to have experienced many exciting adventures. I was a mathematics education ambassador to South Africa in 2000. I also conducted post-doctoral research at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey. I am the president of the board of directors of Responsibility – dedicated to changing the lives of children who live in and near Tijuana’s vast municipal garbage dump. I .. have been teaching online since 1996. I love this mode of learning. I believe online learners and faculty are voyagers on a Cyber-Journey. On a personal note, my husband, Ron, and I just celebrated our 43rd anniversary in NYC with our adult sons and their wonderful wives. No grandbaby’s yet; but hope runs eternal My philosophy of teaching comes from a deeply held belief that every person is unique and special and that in a secure, caring, and stimulating environment a person can mature emotionally, intellectually, and socially. It is my desire as an educator to help my students meet their fullest potential. There are three elements that I believe are conducive to establishing such an environment, a) the teacher acting as a guide, b) allowing a student’s natural curiosity to help deepen his or her learning, and c) promoting respect for all things and all people. Because I teach in a geographically dispersed environment, communication is critically important. I seek to diminish the distance by providing constructive feedback, keeping communication open, clearly stating my objectives, and helping each student develop lifelong knowledge and skills. In 2018 I was a visiting professor at American Samoa. I conducted extensive workshops on Action Research and helped set up the Flipped Model Classroom for American Samoa Department of Education.

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