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Marilyn Griffin, Ed.D.

I have worked in Arizona, Texas, Idaho, California and completed extensive projects and work in each state. My educational background begins with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education with a content major in the social sciences from Utah State. I also hold a Master of Science degree in special education from Utah State where I completed my thesis research out in the fields with migratory worker's children in the area of linguistics sponsored by Utah State as they are one of 12 Regional Centers for the federal government for the Office of Special Education Programs. I have substantial graduate work in the field of school psychology (Idaho State University and training from the University of Kansas). I have been awarded teaching fellowships for the Education Specialist in school psychology and doctoral degrees but declined them as my family comes first. I hold a doctorate of education in educational administration and policy with a specialty in leadership and a supplement in human resources from the University of Southern California. My dissertation is "huge" on any level, federal or otherwise, in finance theory (1024 agencies) sponsored by the U.S. Center for School Finance Research, which was located at USC at the time. I am told there are only 7-8 people in the U.S. with the qualifications to have chaired my complex research in finance theory. I have 11 years of college level work and have attended six universities and have been accepted in three doctoral programs but have only noted the major institutions where I was able to stay long enough to finish. Thus, my research experience out in the field has been with pre-experimental, applied and survey research designs. I have done extensive survey research at the state levels and as a graduate student of curriculum. Other research interests I have are in the field of sociology as I developed an original conceptual framework and was asked to present it at an international conference in Italy, however, because of family issues at the time I could not do so. I am interested in publishing in the fields of ontology, finance theory, and sociology. My teaching background ranges from preschool to the community college/university levels. I was a psychologist at the community college level as well as a full time instructor. In addition, I was a teacher leader e.g., faculty senate at a large high school, wrote a grant to restructure a low performing middle school and received the funds where I partnered with the University of Texas and others (I was 26.). My administrative background began early, at 23, where I was doing the evaluations of 40 seasoned teachers and writing district-wide programs for a large district. I was accepted to my first doctoral program at age 24 (Arizona State University) as I was being prepared by the district to become an associate high school principal (age 25). However, my husband's job took us to Austin, Texas. Continuing on with my administrative background in educational administration where I have been an assistant principal, principal, and central office administration in three districts as a director and coordinator in the areas of special education and with state federal grants e.g., Title I, reading, etc. In addition, I have worked at the county and state levels in consultative capacities. I have been a state complaints investigator, an administrative hearing officer in two states, and have served on committees with CEOs of state agencies to resolve legal issues and to fine tune our system of delivery of services to the children. Next, I have provided technical assistance to school districts statewide, county attorneys and agencies including the Office of Civil Rights, and have read state level intergovernmental agreements (IGAs) for the attorney general's office for compliance. Then, I have written federal, state, local and grants for funds from industry. I also have written RFPs for state -wide grants. Finally, I have spoken at a number of law and state conferences on a number of topics. While living in Texas, I was a Director of Training for DELL Computer Company with the task of improving their quality metrics in all areas. Some of my training packages went around the world to Dell's international sites. I have publications at the state level e.g., white paper on home instruction, home schooling, and home-bound, etc. I also have many district publications that have been cited in newspapers and other media. I have taught for UOP for 19 years where they have sent me around the state of Arizona to teach at the graduate levels in administration, special education, adult education, elementary and secondary education programs. I have also taught statistics and research methods extensively on-ground and online. Finally, I have also taught most of the doctoral courses and have begun teaching residencies.

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