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Marianne Greenfield, PhD, SPHR

Achieving numerous awards in her Information Technology innovation career, Dr. Greenfield has shared her time during the recent 15 years with Higher Education Institutions in roles such as Faculty, Dissertation Chair, Program Chair, Curriculum Developer, Accreditation Liaison, and Director of Institutional Effectiveness. Excelling in positions from IT programming to project management to sales and marketing, and eventually excelling in Human Resource Management, she especially enjoys the challenges and topics of change management, organizational development, organizational consulting, leadership, and strategic talent management. She has enjoyed working for both public and private firms, both legacy international organizations and domestic start-up firms, taken companies through IPO and acquisitions, and most recently focused on sustainable OD initiatives at the executive level. Her future plans include building a Sustainability Orchard in Jamaica in partnership with the Trees That Feed Foundation. This project is one of many under her leadership as part of the strategic objectives for NAOP – the National Association of Organizational Psychology - which she launched in 2014 to provide mentoring, education, and intern opportunities for its members. Dr. Greenfield enjoys research in the areas of women in leadership, faculty effectiveness, and talent management with a common thread of innovative approaches and technology. Education includes a Doctor of Philosophy in Adult Education with Certificate in Teaching and Training Online from Capella University, a Master of Arts in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Argosy University's School of Psychology, a Master of Science in Technology Management from Mercer University Stetson School of Business and Economics, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. Hobbies include tennis, travel, and photography.

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