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Marcia Griffiths-Prince, PhD

University Professor and Educator: I am Dr. Marcia Griffiths-Prince. I obtained a PhD in Educational Leadership and Master’s degree in Elementary and Special Education. I am a Professor at both the undergraduate and graduate/doctoral levels and mentors doctoral students in Education, Business and Healthcare through their Comprehensive Examination and Dissertation process. This is my 9th year at the University of Phoenix. My professional background over 20 years has roots in P-12 and higher education, serving as Consultant, Researcher, Educator, and Administrator in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education programs. Entrepreneur: I am the Principal and CEO of Griffiths Prince & Associates Consulting, a Research and Consulting firm specializing in Research and Development for education, Healthcare and Social Policy issues. I have also owned and operated several small businesses – from Early Childhood programs, Candle making, Consulting and Analytical. I have a fresh, bold perspective on education and social issues. Author: I am also the author of Cultivating Parental Involvement in Middle Schools: A Case study (Lulu Press, 2009). My work is focused on data collection, analysis and reporting on issues important to social change and has written several professional papers specializing in educational issues. I currently reside in the Tampa, Florida Area.

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